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Monday, December 19, 2011

Writer's News

photo by Lucas
Maggie and the First Grade Blues has been sent to thirty editors and fifteen agents. Though I've received positive comments and feedback, I've yet to find an interested editor or agent.  Here are the latest results:

I received no word from Sterling or KRBY creations.  Dancing with Bears Publishing editor sent me an email saying that the call for picture books is temporarily closed due to an enormous amount of submissions. 

I had little success with agents.  I received no reply from Paul Rodeen or from Jessica Sinsheimer from Writeoncon.  However, Red Fox Literary agent Karen Grencik sent a very nice email saying:

"I've now had the chance to read this outstanding manuscript, which I enjoyed very much. I can see why it has won so many awards. It is fresh, heartfelt, and it covers an important topic. It is the picture book you were meant to write."  She goes on to say that "The picture book market is so incredibly difficult right now. I don't know who would be the right editor for this; I must pass.” 

Her feedback, as well as encouraging comments from others, is rare and precious.  Nonetheless, I must put Maggie on the back burner.  I have written another picture book that I feel more passionate about and will focus my efforts on this project.  Please stay tuned for more on this new project and on the future direction of this blog. 

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