Thursday, July 15, 2021

Writer's block, famous author, knowing no shame
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Photo: Jamie Street


Just the other day I read a Facebook post written by a prolific and very well-known author, who begged others to help her find something new to write about.  She lamented that she's drowning in picture books. I interpreted that to mean she didn't want to write another kid's book because she said she had sold close to ten last month!  Really?  And she's complaining?  

She's ready to start something new, but she doesn't know what that can be.  She writes that nothing comes to mind.  I seem to recall that this very author posted a Facebook sob-story just a few years ago.  And she's at it again, bitching and moaning.  How ballsy!  If I had more nerve, I'd write her to say:  Couldn't you use this time to be grateful rather than to wallow in misery?  Couldn't you use this time to help others on their writing journey?

What she fails to remember is she is not alone.  Many writers, me included, feel as if we'll never find the inspiration to write the next book.  

So, what do we do when we're stuck in the dark tunnel of writer's block?  For one thing, we won't be making that public on Facebook.  Most of us have faith in ourselves and more dignity.  We will get over this hump.  We usually do.  We don't plead to strangers to give us ideas.  Dry spells are part of being a writer.  

When I check the writer's Facebook post again, people are giving her advice:  take a walk, write your memoirs, try some poetry.  Such good suggestions from these kind-hearted problem-solvers.  But I wonder why a famous writer would stoop to this level?  Could it be for attention?  Could it be a way to get her fans involved in her creative process? Or is she sincerely and desperately miserable?  

I want to say, "Grow up and deal with it like a writer.  It's in bad taste to complain on social media—especially for someone known around the world for her books.  For goodness sakes, you are a role model!  Act like one."

This author has been writing books for years.  Doesn't she know by now that the solution to writer's block comes from within?  

A writer must have the resolve to dig deeply, to go it alone and find that something powerful that says I MUST WRITE ABOUT THIS.  

Shame on you, Ms. Prolific author for begging others to give you inspiration.  In your lifetime, you've published over 300 books.  On the other hand, many writers struggle to get one book published.  And if a creative slowdown should strike, they don't complain about it publicly or rely on others for ideas. They climb out of the dark tunnel of writer's block and into the light of possibilities.  They are like the heroes in their books—they take on the responsibility to solve a problem by themselves.  

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