Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Official Bookmark

Drum roll please...


The Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show and Tell Bookmark

Making the bookmark was fun, but challenging.  I needed to think about spacing, fonts, text color, and overall design.  This took multiple trials, trying to get it just right and weighing the opinions and suggestions of my family. 

I hope the fans of The Maggie Project like the bookmark.  We hope to include it with the purchase of the book which will be released this summer.  

Monday, May 1, 2017

Timeline from Creation to Publication

Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show and Tell was conceived in 2011.  Ever since signing the book contract, I've kept a record of the steps taken to prepare for the release of Maggie.  

Below chronicles the journey of a debut picture book.   

Wrote the first version of Maggie 2011
Edited, edited, edited and submitted from 2012 - 2015 
Shelved the manuscript for a year 2015 - 2016
Re-edited 2016
Queried late Oct. 2016

Connecting with a publisher:  Fall and Winter 2016
Received an e-mail from an interested publisher:  Nov. 3
Sent an e-mail to thank publisher:  Nov. 3
Spoke to publisher:  Nov. 10
Signed contract:  Nov. 11

Promoting: Winter and Spring 2017
Edited and embellished ending of the story:  Dec. 11
Created a bio and head shot: Dec. 11
Developed a website:  Dec. 15
Studied book signing and how to market the book: Dec. 15 - 30
Wrote two articles about rejection/publication: Jan.  5 - 18
Studied illo styles to give publisher the vision of the book: Jan. 19
Looked at three illustrator's renderings of the character Maggie:  Feb.1
Chose an illustrator*:  Feb. 6
Looked for reviewers:  Feb. 9
Read about school visits:  Feb. 13 -  17  
Created a discussion guide; reviewed the first illustrations:  Mar 1 - 30 
Published articles about Maggie in writer's magazines:  March
Designed gifts for giveaways: April
Guest blogged for other writer's blogs:  April
Had guest bloggers on  http://www.childrenswritersworld.blogspot.com Apr/May

WHEW!  There's been a lot going on!  And as we look forward to a release date this summer, there will be lots more to do.  Stay tuned to find out the next steps in preparing for the launch of Maggie.  

*I have the honor of working with the creative director in making decisions about the illustrations.  Not every publishing house follows this policy.