Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Getting a Start on Marketing

Last December I signed a book contract with Cactus Moon Publishing.  The creative director suggested that I get started marketing my book right away. Yikes!  Though I have been a children's writer for over twenty years, I didn't know much about marketing a book for kids. The only thing I knew was promoting a book should be done well before the release date.

Over the Christmas break, I started working on a marketing plan for my upcoming children's book Maggie and the Summer Vacation Show and Tell which will be released this summer.  
My publisher sent me a helpful marketing guidelines book.
I also studied websites on marketing.  Here's one of my favorite sites:    

This is what's been done:  

Developed a website (
Joined Linked In
Created an email list 
Became a guest blogger   
Got featured in writer's newsletters
Invited writers to guest blog
Joined Goodreads 
Began commenting on blogs
Wrote how-to articles
Created a media alert letter

Here's what will need to get done:  

Create a business cards 
Create bookmarks
Create a testimonial page 
Create a fan page on Facebook
Work on planning book signings and school visits
Ask to be interviewed by the local paper and local radio host

Marketing a children's book is overwhelming to me.  Writing is all I've ever known. But I'm eager to learn and I'm ready for the challenge.  If you've had some experience or have ideas on getting the word out about a book, I welcome for your suggestions and comments.