Sunday, January 1, 2017

For the Love of Maggie

This blog has been closed for four years.  I had reached the end of my "hoping to get published journey" with a story that featured a rescue dog and Maggie, his little human. The piece had been submitted to 30 publishers and 15 agents and though it received three awards, I shelved it after so many rejections.

During the summer of 2016, I felt compelled to re-read the manuscript again.  I still loved the story. But the problem was 1000 words.  It was way too long. Five hundred words needed to be cut—half of the story!  Then it needed to be critiqued and edited.

After spending several months revising the manuscript, I submitted it to a handful of publishers and agents.  A month later I received a few rejections, but one publisher texted me that she loved the book!  Within a few days I received a book contract.

Since then I've received an outpouring of good wishes from friends and family, and I'm thankful for their support.  But who knows what's ahead?  This is all new to me.  I'm assuming the road to publication will take dedication and hard work.  But I am thrilled and up to the challenge.

And so...this blog is reopening.  I invite you to come with me on this new journey of taking a manuscript that I had always loved on the road to publication.