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Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Maggie Project

The Maggie Project (but not the blog) has come to a close.  I’ve achieved my goal:  I’ve submitted my picture book manuscript to 30 publishers and 15 agents, and I’ve entered it into five contests.  Though I’ve received rejections, the book has earned 3 awards and has earned positive feedback. 

Here’s the lesson.  Fiction is subjective.  It’s a personal taste whether an agent or an editor is going to like it or not.  I believe however, that writing and submitting Maggie and the First Grade Blues has not been a waste of time.  It’s helped me to improve my writing (character, voice, and plot) and to get in touch with agents I feel that one day may offer me representation.   It's helped me plant a stepping stone along the path to publication. 

I will continue to blog:  offering writing advice, reviewing books, giving details of my writing life, and sponsoring guest blogs.  I hope you will continue to follow and contribute.  The blog may be re-named.  Stay posted!  My sincere thanks goes out to all of my supporters.  I urge you all to continue to write, to submit to publishers even in the face of rejection, and to forever follow your dreams. 

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