Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Those of us who write for children know that publishing has become more difficult. We compete with published authors and celebrities. We read that publishers are producing fewer books. We learn that some publishers will only respond to agent represented writers. It takes on the average three months to hear from a publisher. Many only respond if interested. Not particularly encouraging. But despite the odds I will submit my picture book manuscript to 30 publishers, 15 agents, and 5 contests in one year. To meet my goal, I’ll send out two – three submissions to editors each month. I will query one to two agents a month. Contest submissions will be sent out one month prior to deadline. Why not send one batch to all of the editors and another batch to all of the agents? Quite simply, it’s frowned upon and it’s not my style. Read about the responses and results, plus insights as an editor and inspiration for writers as I pursue The Maggie Project.

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