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Monday, September 27, 2010

10 Questions to ask before you write your picture book

1. What is your picture book about?  State the idea of your book in one sentence. 
2. What is your character’s problem?  Use only one problem in a picture book.
3. Is the central theme kid-like?
4. Does it have kid-like resolution? If it’s preachy, reconsider.
5. Who will tell the story?  Consider viewpoint. 
6. Is your character unique?  Quiet your editor and listen for his voice. 
7. Will you use present or past tense? 
8. Does each page have illustrator possibilities?
9. Does your story have movement and take place in various settings?
10. Does each page should have “turn-ability”?  Check for pacing and page breaks.  Now read your story aloud.  The text on each page should read like a mini chapter, ending in a cliffhanger or with exciting action that urges the reader to turn the page.  

As you write your picture book, consider this advice from author Marisa Montes:  “use the best words, in the best order, to write the best story.”

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