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Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Trailer, Part II

Last week, I blogged about making a pre-book trailer for my picture book story When Sheep Won’t Leap.

As followers found out, it was more involved than I had realized.  Lots of decisions had to be made concerning photos and cost.  After much research, I chose the photography site because their prices were reasonable, they offered a wide selection of photos, and they promptly answered my questions.  The package for my trailer would cost a little under $50, which allowed me to download 16 medium-sized photos. 

The search for images was a lengthy process because I had a specific image in mind for each Power Point slide.  And, some of the photos that I liked had special licenses, so I had to re-think some of my selections.  However in time, I found a group of photos that suited my needs.     

After inserting the photos onto the slides, I toyed around with animation and design.  This was the fun part.  Colorful pink and green borders were created and clip art was added.  Dramatic transitions from slide to slide livened up the show.  Lastly, three different tunes—a soft lullaby for the beginning, a spicy salsa for the middle, and a jubilant closing piece—set the mood.  This part was the trickiest because the timing of slides had to be in sync with the music. 

I made several run-throughs to adjust the position and size of the photos and to observe the visual impact of each slide.  Once all was in place, the presentation was  uploaded to YouTube.

Throughout the entire process, my family made helpful suggestions and offered technical and creative advice.  And in the end, I can say that we are all proud of the result.  You can view the book trailer to When Sheep Won’t Leap at: 

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