Monday, February 20, 2012

A Letter from the Editor

Dear Children's Writer,

Thank you for your submission.  I think your article has potential, but before I can consider it for publication, it needs a few edits.  Here are some reminders:

1. Spell out abbreviations.
2. Watch out for homonyms (for example: a horseman is a lone rider, not a loan rider).
3. Capitalize proper nouns (check The Chicago Manual of Style when in doubt).
4. Put movie titles, book titles, and scientific names of animals in italics.
5. Avoid fancy dialogue tags (he/she snorted, grimaced, etc.) Use: he/she said.
6. Make your writing lively and kid-friendly.  
7. Format the bibliography correctly.
8. Use apostrophes correctly (for example: plural possessive is cats’; singular is cat’s).

You’ve taken time to research and write your manuscript.  Now take the time to edit it.  Put your work on the back burner for a few days and then read it again with fresh eyes.  Revise your work.  Now, have a trusted friend read your manuscript.  Have an expert check your facts.  Edit again if necessary.  Remember: researching, good writing, and revising are all part of the submission process.

Send your work back to me with the subject line reading: Revision, nonfiction, title, and age group. I appreciate your hard work and look forward to reading your revision.  Please allow several weeks before checking on the status of your manuscript.   

Randi Lynn Mrvos
Nonfiction Editor

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