Monday, August 1, 2011


Hear ye, hear ye: announcing the second annual WriteOnCon, a  free online conference scheduled for August 16 -18th  As mentioned in The Writer magazine last month, 11,000 children’s book writers and illustrators participated last year. 

Young-adult writer Casey McCormick organized WriteOnCon to help writers who can’t afford to attend conferences.  She hopes to bring organized information as well as the intensity and the experience of attending an in-person conference to online participants.

Last year, McCormick along with six co-founders put together a roster of more than 50 experts, which included literary agents and authors.  This year she hopes to help new writers with basic information and to get more agents doing events.  McCormick says, “We're doing a critique partner match-up in the forums right now as well as a contest with a $1000 prize with The Reading Room and lit agent Catherine Drayton.” 

The goal of the conference is to help writers connect with other writers and industry pros so that that can someday reach their dream of publication.  To register or for more information: go to

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Jennifer said...

This looks very interesting -- I'm headed to the website now! I'm currently working on a an MG book.

I'm serving on the Providence Board with your husband and he told me about your blog. Glad to find it!