Monday, May 23, 2011

A Typical Morning at the Office

Ollie Mrvos 

It’s noon.  I’ve been sitting in front of computer for three hours with a cup of Starbucks French Roast  coffee.  This is what I’ve accomplished:

Answered an email from my assistant nonfiction editor
Reviewed articles that will be considered for publication
Scheduled two guest blogs
Emailed an editor to find out about when two educational pieces will be published
Wrote to authors to explain that the publication of their pieces will be delayed
Wrote to an author that her article had been published
Called to follow up on an interviewee
Answered a text from my daughter
Answered a call from my husband
Moved the cat, who had decided to sit on the keyboard                                        
Worked on editing personal articles for children’s and writer’s magazines
Edited a piece for a second time for an editor
Worked on developing a writer’s workshop
Sent in a submission to Nature Friend Magazine      
Tinkered with three more queries for Maggie
Contacted a Basenji owner and friend about puppy updates for new article
Thought about getting started on dinner
Checked email
Sipped and sipped on coffee
Moved the cat, again

Tomorrow the list will be slightly different, except for sipping on coffee and moving the cat.

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