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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Story Behind: I Love You, Be Careful

Judy Snider is co-author of I Love You, Be Careful. Today she shares the inspiration behind her heart-warming book.

Hello ! It was fun to think of why my sister, Joan and I wrote, I Love You, Be Careful! We talk on a daily basis on the telephone and during one of our conversations we discussed being mothers, wives, friends, sisters and how important our loved ones are. Joan began talking about her fun grandchildren and how she worries about them as well as her own grown kids. We said no matter if our kids are 4 or 40, you still want the best for them and for them to “be careful”.

The next day we spoke again and said how we had told our husband’s to “be careful” and we loved them as they left for work. This led to what a great idea it would be to write a picture gift book that shows all the “be careful” moments in life, for any person, no matter what language they speak or what country they are from.

We began a rough draft and worked every day to combine our ideas as to what should be in the book. We took from all our own “be Careful” moments in life with our kids and began looking for an illustrator. We were lucky we found Cady Driver, because besides being a wonderful illustrator, she is a mother and a very creative and fun person to work with! She is in a different state, so all our interactions were on the phone or on the computer.

It was fun work and wonderful to hold our finished book in our hands. Before we finished the book, we thought who would want to read it. We have found it is mothers of daughters, parents of those in the military, new brides, fathers of daughters, and new moms and grandmothers who love the book and find it sentimental. Yet, we were surprised that kids liked the book.  They enjoyed finding the hidden “be careful” in every picture and talking about their own “be careful” children’s moments.   We were lucky to have a video trailer done by Virginia Grenier and to be on this book blog tour.

I hope you like the book. Remember, everyone has a book inside them!

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Virginia S Grenier said...

Thanks for sharing such an interesting post and for hosting these very talented authors and illustrator.