Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A letter to Merilee

photo by McBeth

How would I describe you to someone who never knew you?  You were my dad’s girlfriend, a beautiful blond, a fabulous cook, a dancer, a friend to my family, and a cheerleader of my writing.  When I’m quiet, I can hear your voice from your cell phone:  “Hi, this is Merilee, leave me a message.”  And when we’d connect, we’d talk and talk.  I am lucky to have some of your recipes, preserved on note cards—my favorite, the scrumptious honey bun cake!  I have some jewelry you had given to me as gifts.  You knew me well, knew that I liked small earrings.  I still have a most unusual gift from you:  a crystal angel lamp that lights up and warms perfume.  

When I saw you for the last time, I whispered in your ear, “You were the best thing that has happened to our family.” I meant it, though you modestly shrugged it off.  Six years is not long enough to have known someone.  But who am I to question God’s plan?  I would loved to have walked with you in the arboretum.  I would have loved for you to have joined more family celebrations.  I would have loved to have one more day with you.  It’s hard saying good bye.  Merilee, I miss you.


Unknown said...

nice memorial---moving

Randi said...

Thanks, Pam. I was hoping to hear from you.
Perhaps one day, we can get together.