Monday, February 7, 2011

Nobody is Gonna Rain on My Parade

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Recently, a person published a rather mean-hearted article about my blog.  Crushed, I conferred with my sister (who also has a blog), my husband (who told me to “let it roll off my back”), and my blog teachers (who informed me that I’ve encountered my first troll). It was hard not to take it personally, because he complained that my blog was self-serving. And in some ways it is.  But if he had read any of the entries, he would have seen that 90% of my blog is written to help other writers. 

People blog for all kinds of reasons.  Some people create blogs to read like diaries, while others promote themselves and their work.  Blogs can educate, or entertain, or start debates.  It’s a personal choice.  For me, I started with the concept of wanting to share the journey (the triumphs and the disappointments) of trying to get a picture book published.  The blog branched out into reviewing and promoting other authors’ books, offering inspiration for writers, and providing insight into an editor’s world.

My troll believes that blogs aren’t creative.  I would encourage him to spend a few minutes researching popular blogs.  He would be surprised to find that many are wildly creative and written by witty people.  He also thinks that blogs are a waste of time.  I agree blogging takes time; however, successful bloggers manage to make time to fit blogging into their writing schedule.  It doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. 

While attending a lecture by Alice Pope, former editor of Children’s Writer’s and Illustrator’s Market, I learned that people should consider developing a platform to sell their books.  Some publishers are willing to lend a hand with publicity, but in many cases, an author must do most of the promoting.  Social networking and blogging have the potential to reach a vast audience.  For this reason and for personal reasons I will continue to blog, regardless of the negative comments. As for my troll, I think he should toy around with blogging while he tries to find someone to publish his book.  He may just have a change of heart.  He may realize that blogging could be beneficial.  And when he does so, I only hope no one rains on his parade.  

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