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Monday, December 6, 2010

Writers' News

Photo by Lucas

I found a website with many helpful writing resources: 
On Rachelle Burk’s website you can spend hours checking out writers’ articles, agent and editor listings, critique groups and much more. 

For personal news, I submitted to Albert Whitman in June.  After waiting 4 months, I conclude they are passing on my manuscript.  I received a personal rejection letter from Curtis Brown Literary Agency.

Here’s a list of the publishing houses that I submitted to this fall:
Tanglewood Press, Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, Dutton Books, Boyds Mills Publishing, Peachtree Publishing, Philomel Books, Holiday House, and Charlesbridge.

I’ve had more luck with placing my nonfiction articles.   After several attempts, I was awarded an acceptance with Highlights for Children. And Appleseeds, the respected social studies magazine for children, accepted my article on the Derby race horse, Visionaire. 

Remember as you write your picture book to practice writing in different genres.  Consider writing fictional short stories, poetry, or nonfiction articles for children’s magazines.  Now take it one step further and submit your work. (Of the three, nonfiction is the easiest to get published.)  Two markets that will most likely welcome your work are  and .  I’m an editor at both publications and look forward to reading well-researched, interesting topics for children.  Publishing nonfiction will help you earn credentials, which will impress a picture book editor.     

Coming next week:  a review of J. D. Holiday’s chapter book, The Great Snowball Escapade. Sign up as a follower to enter the book-giveaway contest.

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