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Monday, June 18, 2012

Porcupine's Seeds

Today author Viji K. Chary shares the inspiration behind her book.

I have always enjoyed doing projects with my young son, Hrishikesh. One day, we planted seeds in small pots.  When Hrishikesh proudly carried the pot inside the house, he tripped over the threshold and the seeds and soil scattered all over the floor. This was the ‘incident’ that sparked the idea of Porcupine’s Seeds.

As Hrishikesh attended preschool, kindergarten, and first grade, I noticed that the textbook publishers recommended other fiction and non-fiction books for supplemental reading. The extra reading cemented concepts into the young children’s minds.

As Porcupine’s Seeds grew in my mind, I decided to connect my story to young children’s science curriculum.  All plants need soil, sun and water. Porcupine repeats this phrase throughout the book. Young readers can connect this to their science plant unit in school.

I added flaws to Porcupine as I developed his character for Porcupine’s Seeds.  Porcupine was not difficult to develop. He is a lot like me! I have a very difficult time growing plants—mostly because I forget to water them. Raccoon is the lovely character that grows plants beautifully—much like my mother.

The book has more to offer than just a science concept. In this fast-paced world of instant gratification, Porcupine works hard to plant the seeds. He knows it will take weeks for the first flower to bloom, yet he is willing to put in the work. He waters his seeds, “today, the next day, and the day after that.”

Problem solving is a great asset in the world of children and adults. Porcupine has problems at each turn of events. Yet, Porcupine finds a solution for each one.  Even after his greatest setback, Porcupine finds a way to grow sunflowers.

Finally, Porcupine’s Seeds shows growth in Porcupine’s self-esteem as he realizes that he can grow seeds. His internal conversation grows more positive as he solves each problem. Hopefully, young readers and listeners can reflect this in their own lives. Porcupine’s Seeds has much to offer—learning science concepts, appreciating hard work, and building self-esteem.

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