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Monday, August 15, 2011

Six-Year Old LaNiyah Bailey's First Book: Not Fat Because I Wanna Be

Not Fat Because I Wanna Be is a story that LaNiyah Bailey had to tell.  She decided to write her book in November 2010, after she’d had just about enough of being called “fat.”

Encountering bullies and teasing head-on at the tender age of three has helped LaNiyah distinguish some of the lasting effects of bullying. Her mom stated in a recent interview that LaNiyah had become withdrawn at home and showed signs of separation anxiety when she would drop her off at daycare and school. Statistics show that over 300,000 kids ditch school every day to be relieved from their bullies. This is a sad but true fact.

Being proactive and trying to quickly turn a negative into a positive, LaNiyah’s mom decided she needed to find a way for her young daughter to release this horrific thing that was taking over her being. LaNiyah then told her mom that she wanted to write a book about it. Mom, grandma and dad all embraced and encouraged this idea. LaNiyah and mom sat down and fleshed out all of the details that surrounded her bout with being bullied.

LaNiyah titled the book Not Fat Because I Wanna Be because she felt it was a true statement. For the past 2 years, her  mom and dad have been trying to get answers on LaNiyah’s unexplained weight gain, constant constipation and other irregularities. To date she’s been diagnosed with endocrine ‘hormonal’ issues and constipation, which explains why her belly protrudes... but, the testing still goes on.

About the author and her book:
LaNiyah Bailey is a six-year old author with a message for children like her – just because you are bigger than other kids, that doesn’t mean that people have the right to bully you. In her debut book, Not Fat Because I Wanna Be, LaNiyah details the struggle of Jessica, a fictional girl who has an underlying medical issue that causes her to gain weight. Bullied by her peers, Jessica learns to accept her body and eventually opens up about her condition to her classmates.

LaNiyah is not only speaking to other children through her book, but has become an advocate for antibullying organizations. With a message that words can hurt and that not all weight gain is due to an unhealthy
lifestyle, LaNiyah hopes her book will enlighten and entertain her young readers.

Author Website:

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  1. This young author is inspiring how she took a hard situation and turned it into a positive one.

  2. LiNiyah you are an inspiration! Congratulations LaNiyah on your first book!Thank you!


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